Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

An accident can happen to anyone. It takes only a moment of inattentiveness for a good driver to cause an accident. Remember that in Georgia it is required that all vehicles be protected with at least liability insurance. Liability insurance is designed to help pay for costs that might arise in the case of an accident that will cause either property or physical harm to others. Drivers that neglect to purchase auto insurance can be financially devastated. They may end up being liable for hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in bodily and property damage caused by just one mishap. This does not even include any legal issues that might arise from not following the law.

Everyone wants to save money, and insurance is one of those expenses that nobody really wants to splurge for. Nevertheless it is important for you to understand the different coverage that is available and which of these would be the best fit for you and your family. Getting properly covered may cost you a bit extra in the short run, but may save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches in the future.

When shopping for auto insurance in Atlanta, vehicle owners have different types and levels of coverage from which to select:

Property damage liability:

Is coverage designed in the event a driver damages another’s vehicle or property, for example, driving into a neighbor’s fence. The person who causes the accident is responsible for the cost of repairs. Property damage liability covers these costs.

Bodily injury liability:

As a result of an accident sometimes people get hurt. This covers the driver’s liability for injury to others. It includes medical expenses and damages that may arise from a lawsuit.

Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage:

Unfortunately not everyone follows the law and carries proper coverage; sometimes people even flee the scene of an accident. Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for your expenses in the event this happens to you. Other times people may have the minimum coverage required by law, but the accident is so severe that the expenses cannot be covered by the coverage the offending party has. Underinsured Motorist coverage is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to make sure you have the funds available to get your life and property back in order after an accident.

Collision coverage:

No matter how good a driver we are; sometimes we are the ones responsible for the accident that damages our vehicles. If you as a vehicle owner are lacking collision insurance you may be forced to pay out-of-pocket for repairs to your own vehicles, or may have to write-off your vehicles as complete losses when damages render a car inoperable. Collision coverage will pay for your vehicle in these cases. This coverage will pay for the cost of the repair, or will pay the value of the vehicle less salvage value, which ever amount is lower. Collision coverage usually has a deductible, an amount the insured must pay towards repair costs. Policies with low deductibles will have higher premiums than those with higher deductibles.

Comprehensive coverage:

It is also know as any other than collision coverage, it covers theft and damage to the insured’s car that is not caused by an accident involving another vehicle. Incidents such as a baseball through the windshield or hailstone damage to a car’s roof would be paid for by the comprehensive coverage. Like collision, comprehensive coverage will have a deductible.

Medical payments:

A common misconception is that when an insured is given “full coverage” that this includes medical coverage that will pay for you as a driver as well as your passengers in the case of an accident where you as a driver are responsible. Unless you include the Medical Coverage in your policy this will not be the case. This type of coverage pays the medical expenses of the insured and passengers in the insured’s vehicle.

There are of course other types of coverage available and all coverage has different limits. Here at ABT we carry a wide variety of insurance companies. Some have options that others do not have, our goal is to offer you and teach you about the best options for you and your family. Please feel to contact one of our agents for more information.

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